Ten times the effort: How Sarpsborg 08 monetized the virtual auction

Successful Norwegian Premier League Club Sarpsborg 08 wanted to monetize their fan engagement and link closer to local sponsors. But in the hustle and bustle of modern commerce – how can anyone stand out?


For a modern football club – the answer is obvious. Leveraging the value of the brand. Supporters talk about the team, feel for the team and show their affection for the team in a way that other brands can only dream of.

That is why, when local football heroes call an auction, fans flock to their website.

Goods from sponsors were auctioned out. Bidding started for gift cards, bikes and even craftsman services.

As the auction came to a close, the club found that for every penny spent, they got ten times back.

How we did this

Auctions demand strict coding. There must be no doubt about the final bid and who is behind it. Also, we had to put in place mechanisms for time extensions, appropriate presentations and other features. A purpose built marketing module was developed to bring in the bidders.

What the fans got

The fans and the bidders could make a save on attractive goods donated by sponsors and at the same time support the club, as all surplus went back into Sarpsborg 08.

What was in it for the sponsors?

The goods in the auction led to valuable exposure. Sponsor products got positive mention and were seen in the context of passionate fan experiences.

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