The fans have to keep their distance but they didn’t disappear.

The stands used to be full of people. Now? Well, you know what time it is. But the passion didn’t go away. The fan engagement is still there to be activated. The hunger for the game was never lost. Your brand was never stronger in people’s hearts and minds. They long to stay connected. And seeing supporters on the stands at EURO 2020 brings hope. We’re getting there.

The point is to substitute the regular income from ticket sales or game day activities to build a digital following that can sustain a healthy revenue.

You want to find solutions that are closely connected to the events still going on on the pitch or in the stadium. That way you can take advantage of what your brand does best: perform.

So outside of getting bums back on seats, what are some ideas? Let’s give you a couple. They are both in line with our ENGAGE and MONETIZE concepts.

Our partners and clients have found these to be high performers in these corona times:

  1. Goal clubs
  2. Auctions

The goal club fan engagement concept

The goal club is a good way to secure a scalable, returning revenue from small numbers that really do add up. Our clients report good income from their goal clubs, and the secret is to commit both fans and sponsors to donate an amount for every goal scored on the pitch. With Crowdmanager’s efficient digital solutions, the fans can easily help themselves to a commitment, and your job is to keep the goals coming.

Once you’ve established this connection and fan engagement with the fans, your CRM database also becomes more valuable.

In terms of potential, we can tell you that one of our Norwegian clients, a top tier football club, made € 35.000 in one season from the goal club alone. Another club made € 30.000.

Sponsor contributions will also boost goal club initiatives. Already, we see one national sponsor giving € 30 for every goal scored in the league. It’s a way for them to activate the sponsorship and stay connected to the core of the action.


A very good idea that many of our clients have set into play has been to auction off the team’s shirts. It may feel like an end-of-season activity, but it’s not. It’s very much connected to the ongoing play and the success on the pitch.

You know that someone would want to own the shirt that your striker was wearing when she scored that hat trick. Or the gloves your goalkeeper wore when he made that spectacular save that kept you in the game.

These are just two tried and tested auction ideas that connect your fans through digital channels in a valuable way to substitute the normal match day income.

Auctions can also be unrelated to the sport itself. With a connected audience and a strong CRM base, your brand can attract a huge audience to help auction off sponsor goods. Make the auctions about small giveaways or more substantial goods from the sponsors. They will be happy to include branded merchandise, gift cards or even high value goods from their inventory.

Be sure to include this in the contracts and get the auctions going.

Talk to us about goal clubs and auctions!

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